Benefits of Embedded Touch Screen PC for Aircraft Maintenance Industry

Clean, streamlined design

Embedded touch screen PCs offer a range of benefits for Aircraft Maintenance Industry. For instance, they can be installed flush into a wall or mounted on an articulating arm. The clean, streamlined design also makes them easy to customize and upgrade. While an HMI requires an entire PLC and specific hardware for its function, a touchscreen PC can be changed via software. This makes it simple to customize its functionality, with the possibilities only limited by your imagination.

One such touchscreen PC is the Syslogic C-Series. This 10.1-inch touch panel PC has a rugged IP65 front panel and uses Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology. It also supports multi-touch, and is free of breakable fans. It uses Intel ApolloLake processors, which offer the right balance of computing power and efficiency. The C-Series touchscreen PC can be found in a variety of applications, ranging from process monitoring to traffic engineering.

Increased efficiency

Embedded touch panel PCs have long been an integral part of healthcare and industrial facilities, but recent innovations make these systems even better suited to modern challenges. Not only do they provide natural tools for engaging with data and systems, but they also support modularity, extending the life of your investment and increasing flexibility in the future.

Many of today’s smartphones use embedded touch panels, which allow for intuitive communication with the device. This can improve efficiency and accuracy. It also makes full use of a work space by eliminating the need for a keyboard and mouse.

Improved accuracy

In many ways, the embedded touch screen PC has a greater accuracy than traditional touch screens. The difference lies in the sensing mechanism. Using two or four sensing points, the touchscreen can respond to finger movements in a similar way to a human finger. Additionally, four sensing points can stabilize the touchscreen against drift. Eight-wire solutions improve the reliability of the touchscreen, but the cost of an eight-wire touchscreen is high.

One such method is based on an active stylus scheme. Active stylus systems receive EX pulses from the touchscreen and transmit inverted or boosted pulses back to the screen. These signals are then converted into touch coordinates. However, this approach does not support holding functions.

Fanless cooling system

For industrial applications, fanless cooling systems are a great choice because they are not susceptible to the risks associated with dust and particles. Additionally, these systems are more durable and can withstand shocks and random vibrations. They are also more energy efficient. Here are some advantages of fanless cooling systems in embedded touch screens.

First of all, fanless cooling systems are much less expensive. In addition, they add less weight, volume, and cost. They also improve reliability and thermal performance. Embedded computers typically have two types of cooling systems.

Optical bonding technology

Optical bonding technology helps increase the display effect of embedded touch screen PCs by eliminating internal reflections. It also improves the contrast ratio of the image and increases the robustness of the system by strengthening shock and vibration resistance. Besides, it can significantly reduce the thickness of the touchscreen. The main advantage of this technology is that it improves the accuracy of touch operation.

Optical bonding improves the durability of the display by filling the air gaps between the LCD cell and the cover glass. This also prevents condensation and moisture from entering the display, which can lead to blurred images and electrical damage. This technology can also reduce the weight of the entire display.

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The durability of embedded touch screen PCs is important in a variety of environments. Four-wire touchscreens are typically tested to a million finger or stylus touches over a 20-mm-square area. However, the performance of these touchscreens can degrade over time, especially if the environmental conditions change. This is because the touch panel’s polyester coversheet expands and contracts with temperature and humidity.

The TRICOR12 industrial embedded touch screen PC is a fanless, 10.1-inch touch panel computer that features an Intel Celeron N2930 processor and a high-contrast, 1000-nit display. It also features an IP65 front for dust, moisture, and dust resistance.