Industrial Display Touch Screen Monitors

industrial display touch screen

An industrial display touch screen is an integrated unit consisting of a display and a control device. The touch screen is generally layered above an internal electronic viewing of a data processing system. While the machine is typically an electronic display, sometimes an LCD AMoled or OLED screen may be used. The screen can either be resistive or capacitive. Capacitive displays need a finger to pass an electric signal to activate the mode, whereas resistive screens operate on a difference in electromagnetic field.

Industrial display touch screens are found in a variety of industries. One such use for these types of displays is manufacturing. Touch screen displays can be used to manipulate the displays of industrial machinery during the design and production phases of a project. These devices can also be found in automotive industry and medical applications.

Touchscreens can also function as temperature monitors in industrial applications. A common type of temperature monitor is a surface-mounted monitor that includes an oven or convection oven with a controlled heating element. To detect changes in temperature, the monitors are designed with a sensing element positioned either above or below the surface of the screen.

Touchscreens are also commonly used as outdoor displays. Many outdoor monitors use an analog LED. These types of monitors require no backlighting system because they work automatically in low or no light conditions. Indoor monitors, however, can use backlighting systems based on daylight readable LED technology.

Touchscreens are found in many different industrial applications including auto dealer signs, automatic teller machines, cash registers, and retail displays. In automobile dealer signs, for example, the touch screen display can make it much easier for the customer to locate the right make and model. Automotive dealers use high temperature infrared technology instead of the more traditional resistive or capacitive screen. Capacitive screens work well for indoor applications but are too slow to respond to high temperatures. High temperature infrared touch screen displays are a much faster and responsive than resistive or capacitive displays.

Touchscreens are especially useful in medical applications, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing. Many of these devices are used to monitor patient blood pressure, pulse, and other vital sign monitoring. The extended temperature range offered by these monitors allows for continuous tracking of temperature throughout a large room or plant. They are also used in industrial automation applications where many monitors are networked together. Many devices are able to read different types of input, such as X-rays, data sheets, and instrumentation schematics.