Rugged Tablet PC For the Field Workforce

rugged tablet pc

A Rugged Tablet PC is an extremely useful tool for the field workforce. These devices have rubber bumpers and magnesium alloy enclosures to withstand drops and shocks. A rugged tablet PC can be used for a variety of applications and uses. The device can include a resistive touch screen, a passive digitizer hybrid device, a virtual keyboard, and more. They also offer a variety of accessories to help make the most of your tablet PC in the field.

Rugged tablet PCs are ideal for outdoor work environments, including construction sites, mining, and more. These computers have no screen or cover, so they are highly durable. Many models come with shock-proof hard drives and protective casings to keep them safe. They are also designed to handle rough handling and exposure to extreme temperatures. Even if they are submerged for long periods of time, a rugged tablet will remain untouched.

A rugged tablet pc is also essential for those who are in the manufacturing industry. These devices can be hand-carried or mounted. In the federal and public sectors, rugged conditions are common and a rugged tablet pc is necessary for optimal productivity. To meet the demands of these workers, rugged tablet based PCs are required to be reliable and secure. The RT71 is a heavy-duty industrial model, making it suitable for this use.

Another type of rugged tablet is the Industrial-grade Rugged Tablet. It is an IP65-certified and fully-rugged design that is impervious to industrial elements and harsh weather. The device has a sun-readable touchscreen, high-sensitivity multi-touch screen, and has an IP65-certified rating. These computers are ideally suited for mobile workforces, such as construction crews. They are also available at a discount to schools and government departments.

Rugged Tablet PCs are designed for tough environments. The RT71 is an industrial rugged tablet PC designed for construction workers. The RT71 is designed for use in harsh conditions. With no screen covering, a rugged tablet pc is made to be durable and resistant to rough handling and extreme temperatures. This tablet PC also has a shock-proof hard drive. A robust and reliable computer is indispensable for the construction and manufacturing industry.

Unlike regular tablets, industrial-grade Rugged Tablet PCs can handle a variety of physical conditions. They are designed for on-the-job use. They feature a familiar Android interface and are MIL-STD-810 certified for security. The industrial-grade Rugged Tablet PCs are rated to survive drops of three to five feet. They are also designed to withstand vibration and shock. If you’re looking for an industrial-grade tablet PC, look no further than CSSI.

Despite its ruggedness, the Samwell Ruggedbook PC-750 lacks a physical keyboard or external controls. Instead, it is controlled by a touchpad on the right side of the display. Similar to the SR820, the Ruggedbook PC-750 comes with eight function buttons on the left side. The buttons can be pressed by holding them or by pressing them with a finger. In addition to eight physical buttons, a software definable function button can be added.